Report on events of last session

David Christison (Author)

Other Society business, Donations


Dr Christison, the Society's Secretary, gave a report on the events of the last session. The report begins by outlining a disagreement the Society had with the British Museum over who had the better claim to the Glenlyon brooch, which ultimately resulted in a replica of the brooch being donated ti the Society while the original remained in the British museum. A series of recommendations were drafted to prevent a similar situation in future, and although these recommendations had no legislative power, the Secretary felt confident that they would be followed regardless. The fund used to purchase items for the Society's museum and library was also discussed in the report. To conclude, the Secretary outlined the excavations that took place during the previous year.


The Treasurer then delivered the Annual report on the number of visitors to the Society's museum and the number of donations and purcahses added to the museum and library.


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Christison, D. (1900). Report on events of last session. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 34, 4–14.

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