On some suggestive examples of Abortive Discovery in Ancient Art

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Daniel Wilson (Contributor)

Conversazione, Meeting notes, Donations, Brass, Engraving
Roman, Medieval, Antiquity


The final conversazione of this session was held in the Society's rooms on 26 April 1853.


Dr Daniel Wilson delivered a lecture on brass engravings. He argues that the Society's collection of ancient art can be viewed as examples of early engraved printing plates (chalcographic art). He discusses examples from throughout antiquity and the medieval period, referencing brass engravings from Europe, Africa and Asia. He notes that although ancient engraved pieces could be used to create printed artwork, they were not used for this purpose because of how delicate and valuable they were. He also touches on other forms of engraving including wood engraving, seal and gem engraving, engraved personal ornaments, and the use of engraving in creating materials for printing presses or coin mints. He concludes with examples of engraved items found in Scotland on both Roman and church sites.


The meeting notes for 9 May 1853 are appended.


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