Shifting perspectives on 1st-millennia Scotland

Ronan Toolis (Author)

Iron Age, Early medieval, Settlement patterns, Galloway, Scotland, Crannogs, Souterrains, Duns, Brochs, Nucleated forts
Iron Age, Early Medieval


Underlying much research on Iron Age Scotland is a pervasive regionalism. This has led to the underplaying of cultural traits that are evident across the country. The examination of south-west Scotland, a region that does not have a distinctive later prehistoric character and which is often viewed as somewhat peripheral to understanding Iron Age Scotland, however, reveals underlying patterns of settlement and culture that are embedded across Scotland but markedly different to Iron Age societies to the south. Moreover, cultural traits apparent across Scotland but absent south of the border continued into the early medieval period, suggesting significant cultural divergences between 400 BC and AD 650.


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Toolis, R. (2021). Shifting perspectives on 1st-millennia Scotland. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 150, 247–278.

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