Excavation of a timber round-house and broch at the Fairy Knowe, Buchlyvie, Stirlingshire, 1975-8

Lorna Main (Author)

J Barber (Contributor)

W E Boyd (Contributor)

D Caldwell (Contributor)

A Clarke (Contributor)

G Collins (Contributor)

P Davidson (Contributor)

D Dungworth (Contributor)

F Hunter (Contributor)

D Ingemark (Contributor)

G McDonnell (Contributor)

A S Robertson (Contributor)

L Slater (Contributor)

C Smith (Contributor)

M Spearman (Contributor)

S Willis (Contributor)

A Young (Contributor)

Crucible, Copper Alloy, Clay, Pottery, Iron, Farmhouse, Industrial Fired Clay, Posts, Copperalloy Artefacts, Metalworking, Glass, Animal Bone, Bone, Timber Roundhouse
Iron Age, Roman, Post Medieval


Reports on work that revealed evidence of occupation of what was essentially a fortified farmhouse by a native elite group practising a mixed-farming economy. There are a number of specialist sections on: `Wooden posts' by John Barber (301--2); `Palaeobotanical remains' by W E Boyd (310--16); `Animal bone' by Catherine Smith & Archie Young (316--20); `Iron Age and Roman pottery' (321--31), `Objects of fired clay' (332--5) and `Industrial fired clay objects' (371--6) by Steven Willis; `Medieval and post medieval pottery' by David Caldwell (331--2); `Roman glass' by Dominic Ingemark (335--7); `Other glass finds' (337--8), `Copper alloy' (338--46), `Lead' (352--6) and `Iron' (356--67), `Analysis of the cannel coal bangle fragment 409' (390), `Amber' (390--1), `Worked bone and antler' (392--3) and `Discussion of the artefact assemblage' (393--401) by Fraser Hunter; `Roman coins' by Anne S Robertson (346--7); `EDXRF analysis of copper-alloy artefacts' (347--52) and `EDXRF analysis of crucible and mould fragments' (376--7) by David Dungworth; `Preliminary metallurgical analysis of some iron objects' by Gerry McDonnell (367--9); `Ironworking debris' by Michael Spearman & Fraser Hunter (370); `Metalworking debris within the brooch' by Liz Slater (370--1); `Stone' by Ann Clarke (377--86); and an `Analysis of the deposits on sandstone mortars 302 & 473' by Peter Davidson (390).


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Main, L., Barber, J., Boyd, W. E., Caldwell, D., Clarke, A., Collins, G., … Young, A. (1999). Excavation of a timber round-house and broch at the Fairy Knowe, Buchlyvie, Stirlingshire, 1975-8. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 128, 293–417. https://doi.org/10.9750/PSAS.128.293.417

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