The excavation of a cordoned urn at Benderloch, Argyll

Gavin MacGregor (Author)

M Donnelly (Contributor)

J S Duncan (Contributor)

A Jones (Contributor)

S Ramsay (Contributor)

J Roberts (Contributor)

Excavation, Burial, Urn, Pollen, Cremation
1556, Post, 16261408 Cal Bc


Notes the discovery of a receptacle containing a cremation deposit in the garden of a private house and subsequent investigation at the find spot. The encrustation on the inside of the urn produced a radiocarbon date of 1626--1408 cal BC and it is suggested that the container may have been used for domestic purposes prior to burial. Post excavation analyses include: `Cordoned urn' (146--8) and `Chemical analysis' (151--3) by Andy Jones;`Cremated human remains' by Julie Roberts (148--9); `DNA analysis' by Gavin MacGregor (150); `Magnetic susceptibility' by John Syme Duncan (150--1); `Pollen and macroscopic plant remains' by Susan Ramsay (153--5); and `Quartz' by Mike Donnelly (155--6).


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MacGregor, G., Donnelly, M., Duncan, J. S., Jones, A., Ramsay, S., & Roberts, J. (1999). The excavation of a cordoned urn at Benderloch, Argyll. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 128, 143–159.

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