Description of the Encampments on the Hill of Burnswork

Anonymous Contributor (Author)

Burnswark Hill, Annandale, Hoddom, Romans, camp
Annan, Scotland, UK


Expecting that observations on subjects of antiquity will be received by your Society, though transmitted by persons unconnected with it, I have taken the liberty offending to you the following account. It may perhaps be esteemed imperfect by those who examine the spot. If the Society send any one for that purpose, I shall be well pleased. I wish to see the antiquities of my country investigated; and will be happy to contribute my assistance, if it will be of any service to a Society, the professed purpose of which, is to pursue that branch of knowledge.


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Contributor, A. (1792). Description of the Encampments on the Hill of Burnswork. Archaeologia Scotica, 1, 124-129.