The finds

Melanie Johnson (Author)

Dawn McLaren (Author)

Torben Ballin (Author)

Kathleen McSweeney (Author)

Pottery Human Bone Lithics Worked Bone, Bone, Flint, Knife, Burnt Bone, Perforated Stone Disc
Bc, Mesolithic, Early Bronze Age, 2040 To 1500 Bc


Specialist reports on pottery, human bone, lithics, worked bone and antler, and a perforated stone disc. Nine of the urns are collared and two are cordoned. The distribution of cordoned urns is largely limited to Scotland and Ireland. Cremated bone from 31 contexts represented a minimum of 35 individuals, including men, women and children. Twenty three lithics including a very fine foliate knife were found. The latter is thought to have been imported from a more southerly source. Otherwise, most of the flint is debitage and badly burnt. Bone objects included pins and toggles while a perforated stone disc has no immediate parallels.


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Johnson, Melanie, Dawn McLaren, Torben Ballin, and Kathleen McSweeney. 2012. “The Finds”. Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports 53 (January), 18-29.