Notes on Flint and other Implements found near Selkirk

J B Mason (Author)

Arrowheads Scrapers Cores, Flint Tools, Jet Armlet Fragments Pitchstone, Farms, Flint, Scraper, Coins, Jet Armlet, Pottery, Flints, Barbed Arrowheads Flakes Cores Scrapers, Silver Penny
16th Century


Finds from Lauriston Scaurs include arrowheads, scrapers, cores, fragments of mediaeval pottery, a silver penny of Henry III, two lead whorls, several seventeenth-century coins in poor condition, some gun flints, and an elfin pipe-head of a very early type. At South Common Farm a knife, a scraper, two barbed arrow-heads, flakes, cores, scrapers, two pigmy implements and part of a jet armlet were recovered. Finds from the farms at Smedheugh, Greenhead, Greenhill and Whitelaw comprise a similar range of flint tools and jet armlet fragments. Pitchstone was present at all the locations.


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Mason, J. (1927). Notes on Flint and other Implements found near Selkirk. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 61, 111-115.