Notes on Discoveries in St Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall

John Mooney (Author)

Grave, Graves, Row Heads, Pillars, Human Bones, Church, Human Bone


Four skeletons buried in a row, heads to the west, were found in the choir between the two lines of pillars, right on the main axis of the church; and in one of the graves the upper portion of a crosier and what appears to be a chalice and paten were also found suggesting this was the grave of a bishop. An oak case containing human bones was found in one of the pillars and are supposed to be part of the skeleton of St Magnus. The report refers to earlier discoveries of human bone and considers whether they might be the remains of St Magnus and St Rognvald. The fact that the bones were hidden in pillars suggests they were moved at some point for safekeeping.


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Mooney, J. (1925). Notes on Discoveries in St Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 59, 239-251.