Discoveries in North-Western Wigtownshire

Cinerary and Incense-Cup Urns and Perforated Axe-Hammer; Mould for Bronze-Winged Chisel; Whetstone for Stone Axes; Cup-marked Rocks and Boulder; Apron of Moss Fibres

Ludovic McLellan Mann (Author)

Burial, Charcoal, Axe Hammer, Cup, Cremated Bone, Cairn, Bone
Ad 1300


A cinerary urn containing cremated bone and charcoal was recovered from a previously disturbed burial. An accompanying incense cup contained larger fragments of bone and charcoal. The bones in the latter were those of a child while the bones in the former could not be identified. The pit had been lined with stones. An axe hammer and mould were found a short distance away. The mould is of an unusual type while parallels for the axe hammer are presented. An 'apron' made from moss fibres was found close to a cairn.


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Mann, L. (1923). Discoveries in North-Western Wigtownshire. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 57, 98-107.

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