Concordia facta inter Anglicos et Scotos, 3d January 1322-3

Communicated in a Letter from Professor Munch to David Laing

Peter A Munch (Author)

David Laing (Contributor)

Original documents, Robert the Bruce, Scottish Wars of Independence, Meeting notes, Donations
Rome, Italy, Europe
Fourteenth century


Professor Munch explains how he was granted access to view the official documents and Papal letters of the Regesta in the Vatican. He discusses a treaty between some of the Lords of Northern England and King Robert the Bruce from 1322, which he found in these archives. the paper includes a transcription of this document, as well as some background on the treaty itself and how this copy came to be in Rome. Munch also mentions donating three Papal bulls relating to Scotland at the same time as this document, but at the end of the paper it is stated that these could not be printed without explanatory notes, so they were omitted from this volume.


Meeting notes for 4 June, 1860 are appended.


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Munch, P., & Laing, D. (1862). Concordia facta inter Anglicos et Scotos, 3d January 1322-3. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 3, 454-464.

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